31 Dec

Proporta Blake Folio Case

iPhone X came out in November 2017, and it is still at its hype. People made silly jokes about the prices and some were talking about the notch but if you are an Apple user and a fan, and you are happy with spending that much money, it is definitely worth it, you will never be disappointed. iPhone X is a fantastic phone and got some amazing features which hold its fan to it and never let them down. It is keeping the classic and iconic iPhone series going with its so amazing features, widescreen, and even better camera. All the Apple fans are going crazy for this new and latest launch of Apple. This device has almost everything Apple claims it to be.
If you are an Apple user and a big fan you would want to get your hands on this latest phone and if you already have it, then you need to protect it too and get yourself a good quality cover to secure your very favorite gadget.

Proporta Blake Folio Case Review
Here is a review of proporta blake folio case for your iPhone X.

Why this?
You don’t want to go off limits with getting yourself a phone cover. You need a long lasting durable cover to secure your phone and doesn’t make it look too blah. You need a decent cover which looks good on the phone and suits your elegant personality. You don’t have to go heavy on your pocket and buy something just for the design and not for the reliability. This case has it all what you want. You don’t have to go overboard with the price and you get a nice, decent iPhone cover which is worth it. It is one of the best buys.

It is a premium case which is made of leather. It is made of pure tactile bull leather. It provides you with a great grip and looks good in the hand. It is also lined with carbon fiber which can resist a shotgun blast, making your phone a little more secure and safe from damage and also keeps your phone scratch free and intact.
The electroplated gunmetal edging makes it safe and prone to accidental drops and these edges also add the strong exterior and robustness.

It has this sleek and elegant design which, when in hand looks so decent and attractive. Its gunmetal edges add in a luxury look and make it look aesthetic and scratching up to the mark.

It comes with great functionality. It has this snapback folio with a hidden cards slot where you can keep all your credit and debit cards and other important cards. It has a magnetic lining which helps you stick your phone to anything metallic and go hands-free if that is necessary.

Edging colors
This case has two edging colors that are gunmetal and black to add the decency and elegance.

Damage to pocket
It costs £129 but it is totally worth it and definitely is the best buy.

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