31 Dec

Mophie Juice Pack Air for iPhone 7

We use our smartphones like we breathe air. They are with us round the clock. We pretty much take them everywhere including the loo. Humans of this century cannot function without a good smartphone. They have pretty much everything from our planners, mail, maps, contacts and the list goes on. As it is an essential device, we take our phones very seriously. Screen protectors, phone cases are a must to save the day in case of any mishap.
Every year with the launch of newer versions, smartphones sell like hot cakes. iPhone has remained the unstoppable, unbeatable contender in this race, releasing newer aesthetics and functions every year. This review is for the iPhone 7 lovers, who aren’t over their sets to grab the newer version. But we all know when it comes to iPhones, we must take the precaution of carrying its charger or power bank around.

Mophie Juice Pack Air Case Detailed Review
This review will showcase such a phone case that will not only protect your iPhone 7, but it will also charge it simultaneously. Introducing the Mophie Juice Pack Air for iPhone 7 ready to astound you.

Wireless Charging Support
Mophie Juice Pack Air provides wireless charging that is compatible with Cheotech and other common wireless charging systems. While the phone is in case, Cheotech Charging can charge the phone and cover simultaneously. This indeed is an attention-grabbing feature. No need to go through the hassle of charging them separately.

Compact and Useful
It is built to bear a large impact without giving a bulky feel. The corners are raised up to avert screen damage. A micro USB charging cable is also a part of it. The case has a tight fit with a detachable top to slide the phone in. An intriguing feature is the redirection of speakers to face you instead of their original placement. This transformation has proved to be rather enthralling. It has buttons rather than cutouts on the sides that facilitate with grip.

Easy to Connect
The case has a lightning connector, linking the phone with the case. Activating the case is super easy through a back button. 4 led indicator lights keep you up to date with the case’s charging. USB slot on the bottom has two key functions, charging the case and still being able to transfer data while having the case on

The Panache
Its smooth and sophisticated touch has a matte finish. Gives a strong grip does not let your precious companion slip away. Those buttons come handy giving it a firm hold. Mophie presents you with amazing colors to choose from complementing your personality. It comes a variety of exciting colors including red, navy, gold, rose gold and black. Nothing beats Mophie’s classy phone cases.

Price Point
On Mophie’s original site it is currently available for $99.95. If you plan to save a buck, you can also head to Amazon to purchase used and new cases starting from $19.97.

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